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Kinley Jewelry

Luna Moth Earrings

$28.00 USD


A beautiful collaboration with our friend, Chris, at Kinley Jewelry, The Luna Moth Earring Pair comes in Silver with genuine amethyst points and amethyst beads or gold with genuine citrine points and rutilated quartz beads. Handmade and truly unique, they are a must-have for your collection. 

Metaphysical properties of stones:

Amethyst is a protective crystal thought to activate spiritual awareness. It also have powerful healing and cleansing properties. It is believed to create peace and assist in meditation and visualization. 

Citrine fills you with the highest of vibrations, so if you are feeling down or just want a jump, this is the stone for you. It is a wonderful stone for prosperity, sometimes referred to as the "merchants stone". Wonderful at attracting abundance in all areas, citrine, is likely to bring positivity into your life. 

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